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Dear Club Members,

Celebrity Seniors, Inc., is hosting Zoom Training sessions for its members online. There will be 2 training sessions for each scheduled date on June 6th and 7th, 2020, that will start at 2 pm and 4 pm. The purpose of this online training is to get members acclimated to using Zoom for our main conference meeting scheduled for June 18, 2020, at 10 am. 


Members must register to attend one of these training sessions through the Celebrity Seniors website. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. Members will be trained on how to sign-in to zoom effectively and test their equipment.

We understand most of our members are not aware of how Zoom works or the devices you can use to sign on to Zoom.


Things you will need to get started with Zoom:

  • Access to the internet or a cell phone with unlimited data.

  • Equipment: computer with a camera or a computer with a built-in camera and microphone. Other products such as tablets, iPads, and cell phones typically have the cameras and mics are built-in to these devices.

  • If you are using a computer, you will need to download Zoom’s software to your computer and create a free account with Zoom.

  • For tablets and android cell phones - The members will need to download the Zoom app through the Google Play store.


We will send a link to your email inviting you to join your Zoom training. 


When you click on the link, it will automatically start your Zoom video.



Please Call  314.574.9177



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