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St. Louis Celebrity Seniors, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to function as ambassadors of goodwill; to stimulate civic pride in the success of our affiliated organizations; to establish a volunteer program, and to design workable plans for fundraising. We operate exclusively for charitable organizations, social services, and educational programs to help people in the St. Louis communities. We are a group of volunteers formed exclusively to raise funds and provide volunteer manpower for selected nonprofit community organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Volunteers are always needed. HEALTHY LIFE CHOICES Celebrity Seniors manages and coordinates Healthy Life Choices. It is our mission and vision to promote and enhance healthy lifestyles for seniors in the St. Louis metropolitan community. JOIN US TODAY!

We believe all senior citizens can embrace who they are, draw from the well-spring of their experiences, and define their futures. Seniors can change the world.

Seniors can change the world.

Our Mission

To provide financing, volunteers, and a platform for local nonprofit organizations to expose their programs that benefit a certain population in the St. Louis Metropolitan community. And while helping others to do good and provide a community service, we strive to promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle for our older adult volunteer members.

Our Mission

Our Vision

St. Louis Celebrity Seniors, Inc., leading African-American senior citizens as a focused support group in the St. Louis,  Missouri metropolitan area. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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